How to Get SEO Clients: 7 Top Tips

How to Get SEO Clients: 7 Top Tips

A reader asks, How do I get SEO clients with a monthly retainer? This Ask An SEO column offers tips for finding high-value clients for your agency.

How To Get Your First SEO Clients and Your First $1,000 Doing SEO

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How To Get SEO Clients | Learn How To Get SEO Clients Hundreds At A Time

How To Get SEO Clients | Learn How To Get SEO Clients Hundreds At A Time

Looking to learn how to get SEO clients?

In this video, I’ll show you how I get SEO clients hundreds at a time. You’ll see the exact process that I use to find leads and close deals. And best of all, these methods can be scaled to any size business. So whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for ways to take your business to the next level, you’ll want to watch this video!

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How to Get More SEO Clients (From 10 to 50)

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How to get SEO clients (STOP sending cold emails!)

Getting SEO clients is a tricky business, especially if you’re a beginner. I’ve been where you might be right now, tired of sending cold emails and wanting to get started with real clients that are ready to pay you for your work.

In today’s video, we’re going to cover how to get SEO clients, even if you’re a complete beginner. We’re going to cover some strategies that might not be super typical but that I’ve seen have a really solid amount of success.

Getting clients through cold emails is really tough. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but as I cover in the video you need to be really creative to rise above the huge influx of similar emails that most business owners receive every week.

That’s why in this video I choose to focus on 5 other ideas that may not be often talked about, but I’ve seen have a really solid return.

#1 – Create Content – But not for Google!
It’s easy to advise you guys to start creating content, but writing blog articles in an attempt to rank above ahrefs, semrush and other big players in the space will be almost impossible.

I think that right now there’s a massive opportunity to build small audiences on platforms like linkedin, and twitter (leveraging the network effect of their platforms) and youtube. These platforms are completely different and have their respective tricks to hacking some growth there, but if you’re consistent you can grow quickly.

The trick here is getting clients to come to you instead of chasing them down. This is exactly the point I was at a few years before creating this youtube channel. It’s crazy what happens when you record yourself and put it on youtube for people to see – that simple action will get so many people wanting to work with you!

#2 Niche down your SEO Services
I’ve been seeing this quite a bit and I think it’s a genius move. Checkout for example. These guys are specializing in only offering SEO services for Law Firms. This allows them to form a pretty high level of trust with their prospective clients since they’re specialists in this area, and it also streamlines a lot of internal processes. Let me explain:

If you’re working with an ecommerce website, then a SAAS, and then a local seo business, all of these websites require different resources and varied levels of expertise. On the other hand, if you’re consistently getting the same type of lawfirm website, you know exactly what to do for these websites since they will mostly have similar problems. This means you will be much more efficient with your resources.

#3 Go to Business Events and Conferences
This is a neat little hack that I’ve found over the years. You always tend to meet incredibly interesting people at conferences and most of them are business owners looking to do some networking. If you can meet these business owners and talk to them about their growth problems and present yourself as the solution – there will be lots of potential clients you can find there.

**** Bonus Tip ***** (For those of you reading this infinite chunk of text)
Go to coworking spaces! I’ve met a bunch of clients through coworking spaces just by saying that I do SEO and by showing off a case study or 2!

Super easy way of meeting potential clients!

#4 Apply to SEO Jobs
Now this is a bit strange, but this is something that happened to me and worked on me. In a previous job when I was looking to build an SEO team, we created a job post and get very few talented applicants.

We ended up working with a freelancer who’s only clause for working with us was to remain a freelancer and for us to be one of their clients. We had a great partnership with this freelancer.

You will be surprised to see how often this might work, since not all companies are 100% dead set on building a team internally.

#5 Partner up with complimentary Agencies!
Now this is a great one, once you’re a little more ahead. Reach out to agencies that are specialists in services that you don’t offer. So if I offer SEO services exclusively, i’d reach out to a PPC agency to see if they’d be open to exchanging clients when they ask for those additional services.

Great option that i’ve seen have lots of success!

How are you guys getting SEO clients? What do you gus think of these strategies? Let me know in the comments!

0:00 Why Cold Emails Don’t Work Anymore
1:51 5 Ways to get SEO Clients
2:10 #1 Create Content (Not on Google)
3:40 #2 Niche Down Your SEO Services
4:40 #3 Attend Events & Conferences
5:20 #4 Apply and Sway SEO Jobs
6:05 #5 Partner up with Complimentary Agencies
6:56 Become an SEO Expert

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