Metrics You Can Use to Hold Your Agency Accountable

Metrics You Can Use to Hold Your Agency Accountable

An agency should be held accountable to the same KPIs you use internally. Here's how to keep your agency accountable with some simple, measurable KPIs and goals.

Government’s war on Math, Merit, and measurable Metrics. Why it matters. What you can do…

Our government at almost all levels has been waging a war against math, merit, and measurable metrics citizens can use to measure the success or failure of government. In some ways, these attacks and campaigns against these realities is intertwined with the inevitable growth of Big Government and our ability to hold them accountable. Let me know your thoughts on this one.

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Who the heck is Glen Morgan?

Why do the politicians and political establishment hate Glen Morgan? Maybe this is one of the reasons? A mostly updated list of politicians and others who Glen has caught breaking the law over the past few years:

Official website for WA State Governor Inslee:

Official website for OSPI:

The math wars:

The war on merit: &category2=politics

The war on measurable metrics:–tms–msanchezctnms-a20150417-20150417-column.html

How to use KPIs to hold your lawyer accountable?

About InPrime

InPrime Legal helps small to mid—sized business owners build resilience to legal liability, protect their profits and navigate risks safely.
InPrime Legal is not the traditional “bill-you-by-the-minute” law firm. We have replaced the “bill-you-for-every-minute” mentality with a predictable flat monthly fee. This allows us to be proactive rather than reactive and prevent little legal issues before they become big legal issues.

We also measure the return on investment realized by our members by investing in our program through our proprietary ROI tracker. And, because we are focused on generating a 10x return on investment, our attorneys and legal support approach each client project through a different lens – a “business first” lens. We look at the business first, itsshort-term and long-term initiatives and then wrap the law aroundthe business.
InPrime is not a “Do it Yourself” program; it is a “We Do it for You” program. Under the direction of a Chief Legal Officer, the member’s legal team assembles all the solutions and manages legal projects from start to finish, so the owner and key executives can focus more time on building and growing the business. Learn more about our program at or call us today at 770-285-7785 to schedule a no obligation consultation.

Leadership Team isn’t Accountable to Manage Accountability | Bad Behavior

We find that the Leadership Team isn’t Accountable to Manage Accountability. In other words, they don’t practice and model accountability for the team to take them seriously.

✅ Clear Metrics For Each Job
✅ Transparency In Metrics
✅ Accountability Strategy
✅ All Carrots No Sticks
✅ No Routine 1:1 Meetings With Team Members
✅ Agency Ownership and Leadership Team Is Not Modeling Accountability

Find out how to address solid accountability strategies:

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MCCA March 25, 2022 Town Hall: Metrics and Accountability

MCCA hosts 60-minute Town Halls to connect with our members, sponsors, and prospective members and introduce experts and special guest speakers to discuss pressing issues regarding diversity, inclusion, and equity in the legal profession.

The March 25 Town Hall featured the panel, Metrics & Accountability:  Key Factors to Developing a Sustainable DEI Strategy for Greater Impact.

Áine Lyons – Senior Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Global Legal Service, Operations and Privacy, VMware
Julie Hines – VP – Innovation and Strategic Business Operations, Verizon Myron Lloyd – Attorney, Lead Counsel, Global Information Technology, General Motors

The past 20 months have brought a sea change in how we communicate and work. Some companies started to report diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) data and others pushed back citing privacy and the burdensome nature of collecting and reporting on DEI. What those companies who are resisting should consider is the positive impact they can have by learning about their data, leveraging the analysis to do things differently, and/or to lead the systemic change for the better.

This year more than ever before, there will be more proposals from shareholders requesting disclosures. Inevitably those demands on corporations will mean third-party service providers such as law firms will need to disclose how they are implementing sustainable DEI strategies to achieve maximum impact.

During our Town Hall, we will discuss some of the challenges of collecting data, implementing changes based on data analysis, and how to develop sustainable long-term strategies for greater impact. If you are one of the many companies and/or firms who would like to learn how MCCA members, Verizon, General Motors, and VMware addressed the challenges of data collection, reporting, analysis, and implementation to achieve positive results, please join our panel of experts who will provide guidance and answer your questions.

MCCA is proud to partner with these three forward-thinking companies, who were the initial signatories to our law firm diversity scorecard, the first of its kind to establish a DEI standard for law firms.

#InspiringProgress #AcceleratingImpact

The Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA) is committed to advancing the hiring, retention and promotion of diverse lawyers in law departments and law firms by providing research, best practices, professional development and training, and through pipeline initiatives.

As the preeminent voice on diversity issues in the legal profession, MCCA accomplishes its mission through industry-shaping publications, research, and training, innovative pipeline initiatives, and curated events designed to connect its members to thought-leaders and one another. MCCA takes an inclusive approach to the definition of “diversity.” Therefore, its research and training addresses issues of race/ ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability status and generational differences which impact the legal profession’s workforce.

Over the years, MCCA’s thought leadership has been widely recognized. The association has received several awards including recognition by the Association of Corporate Counsel, the National LGBT Bar Association, the National Minority Business Council, Inc. and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

To learn more about MCCA, visit: